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Deborah Jeffery, RDN LD Registered, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

Weight Loss Counseling Programs


Over our years of weight loss counseling, we’ve come to realize that each client requires a unique weight loss plan. There is not one plan that is ideal for all. Therefore, we offer 2 types of weight loss services – traditional nutrition counseling and a medical weight loss program. We’ll help you determine which plan will work better for you.

Traditional Weight Loss Counseling: At the initial visit for traditional weight loss counseling, an assessment is done taking into consideration your medical history, weight history, current eating pattern, physical activity level and weight loss goals. Based on this information, a calorie level, meal plan and physical activity goals are determined. The meal plan, based on your food preferences, is nutritionally healthy and includes all food groups. Follow-up visits are for weighing-in, assessing progress, identifying barriers to meeting goals, and to provide counseling on healthy eating. Sessions are tailored to meet your nutrition concerns and needs. Food & physical activity records and weekly/biweekly appointments are encouraged. Weight loss is a process with the goal, not to “diet” or to feel deprived, but to establish over time a healthy eating and lifestyle pattern that can be maintained for life. Our registered dietitian nutritionist will guide and support you through the weight loss process as you make the changes that work for you.

Medical Weight Loss: This program is for clients that need to lose weight quickly and safely due to a medical issue, for those who have struggled with weight loss without success and for individuals overwhelmed by a large amount of weight to lose. Our females typically lose 13-15 pounds a month on the program and our males typically lose 15-20 pounds a month on the program. Clinically proven by Johns Hopkins University, our program is a combination of low calorie, low fat nutritionally balanced meal replacement products and real food with nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian nutritionist. Our clients see immediate results without hunger and the plan is individualized to meet your health and weight loss needs. The program has three phases, weight loss, transition and weight maintenance, to help you lose the weight safely and keep it off. As you progress through the three phases, we provide you with support and guidance to help you develop the skills and tools you need for long-term success.

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