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Metabolic Testing


Our Metabolic Testing is done in-office where we have immediate results! Metabolic testing provides us with two critical pieces of information concerning your ability to successfully lose weight. The first is an appropriate calorie level and the second is the level of your metabolism.

Most people are unaware about how many calories their body needs. Knowing your metabolic rate, or how many calories your body uses at rest, could be your key to weight loss. If you know your metabolic rate, you can determine your precise calorie intake for weight loss. Otherwise you have to relay on standard calculations which provide a ball park number but are not specific to your particular body. Without knowing their caloric needs, people tend to drastically reduce their caloric intake. This sabotages weight loss efforts because the result is hunger and feelings of deprivation. A calorie intake that results in hunger is too hard to maintain even if you are highly motivated. Knowing your metabolic rate provides you with the perfect calorie level to satisfy hunger and to result in successful weight loss.

Additionally if you’ve ever thought that your inability to lose weight is due to a slow metabolism, metabolic testing gives you the answer. The testing either verifies your thoughts, which in most instances is not the case, and you can resolve the issue with medical help. Or you’ll be reassured that your body is able to burn calories appropriately and we can find the answer to your weight loss dilemma.
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