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You know that a well balanced diet is important to your health but thoughts of deprivation and hunger prevent you from taking action. We offer highly customized nutrition programs based on your food preferences that keep you satisfied, address your health needs and help you learn how better nutrition can impact you, your work and your family. It is often during hectic times that we forget the importance of maintaining our health. Our goal is to have you well armed and informed so you come away feeling energized about making positive and powerful changes in your health.
All nutrition services are provided by Deborah Jeffery, Registered Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN, LD), who is an accredited expert in nutrition. Learn more TODAY about our Refine 2017 Online Coaching Solution - Starts March 15, 2017!!

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Inspired Clients Reach Goals!

  • "I went in for myself and I not only lost the weight and the inches, I learned to "LIVE" Healthy and have since made sure my entire family has benefited from a healthy wife, mother and friend! Thank you Deborah for investing your time into my needs and goals!"
    Catrina - D.C.
  • "Debbie:I enjoyed meeting with you. You were especially helpful in answering my questions and clarifying what I needed to do to eat a balanced diet and maintain my current weight. Thank you for the menu ideas. They will help me think about meals in a different way and reduce the boredom of repetitive meals. "
    Carol - Reston, VA
  • "I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the services that you provided for me. During our conversations you taught and informed me of numerous ways to improve my eating habits as well as my over all health, this letter is to say thank you! Because of your knowledge and guidance I have lost 17 pounds to date and have noticed a real change in not only the way my clothes fit but my over all attitude and energy level."
    BDH - Fairfax VA
  • "Thank you again for your outstanding work and professionalism because of you I am a new man! I would highly recommend your services to ANYONE who is serious about losing weight and improving their overall performance."
    Fairfax, VA
  • "Deborah weaned me off of high fat foods and started me down a track of healthy eating. With her help, I have learned how to properly cook and eat a balanced, sustainable diet. She also taught me how to manage eating at restaurants, recover from dietary “hiccups,” and how to live and eat realistically in a world filled with junk food. All told, I lost 80 lbs and because of Deborah I feel like I’m able to start a new chapter in my life. "
    Chris - Arlington, VA.

Our Nutritional Plans WORK!

Our clients have experienced significant and lasting weight loss, decreased their dosages of cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar medications, reversed chronic diseases and reduced symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
Join us on the quest for healthy nutritional habits - We're here to HELP!eating healthy

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